We have a number of employers that will hire our students and provide voluntary work experience. We can NOT guarantee employment, but we can certainly try and help you get a job.

Jobs get filled quickly, if you are keen for our help please make an appointment via email with our training co-ordinator Stephanie Muscat. When an employer wants a job filled they want it straight away, so be prepared :) 

If you want our help you will need:

  • to be past week 5 of your course

  • have completed your RSA and RSF with us (save these as a PDF save file name as 'your name')

  • have an up-to-date Resume (including this course and certificates achieved thus far) - word version 

  • to have good class attendance and attitude 

  • have a willingness and ablity to travel

  • to complete a skills assessment with Stephanie Muscat our coordinator before we send you out - we need to make sure we match the right person to the right employer, she will help you with preparing for your trial

  • must; be able to carry 3 plates, 2 coffees one hand, a tray with lots of glasses comfortably, have CONFIDENCE!!!!!!!

Email your resume, PDF copies of RSA/RSF, standard availablity and an idea if you are willing to travel for work. 

If you need assistance with your resume please book in an appointment with Rebecca McPhee.

If we help place you in a job, please remember you represent us and all the other students at Serve It Up. If you show up late or have a bad attitude this will affect other students when applying for work. 

Direct Referral to Sidekicker

Want work that's flexible around uni? Want to pick and choose the jobs you want? Sidekicker is for your. 

To book a 1 hour job referral and skills assessment email and attach your resume.

The following is required for a job referral with Sidekicker.

  1. Completed up to week 6 (good attendance and attitude)

  2. Have your RSA and RSF (over 18 years)

  3. Have attended at least one simulated service

  4. Completed a skills assessment with Rebecca (Plate carry, drink tray carry, hot plate carry with a waiters cloth, 5 plate clear, wine pouring and wine bottle opening, lapping)

  5. Complete a Sidekicker application with Rebecca (we will write a reference if you’re suitable)


Resume and Job Hunting

  1. Download a sample resume here and cover letter here -  update with your details, save as a PDF and link to the same PDF a copy of your RSA and RSF.

  2. Sign up to Barcats create your own employee profile and start hunting for jobs that suit you. Employers will also have access to your profile so make sure its creative and show off your personality. 
  3. Check your facebook is set to private and review your profile and timeline. Put up pictures of you making a coffee or in the bar at our school. 

  4. Set-up a professional LinkedIn profile - hyperlink in your CV.

  5. Ensure your references know they are listed.

  6. If someone asks "what experience have you got?" Don't say "none". You have lots of experience, for example; "over the last few months I have had experience as a food and beverage attendant completing, plate service, tray service, coffee and bar, I have planned and executed a 3 course sit down function, via my hospitality course".

Seek also has a free resume template and advise.

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