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RSA Certificate in Melbourne

The Responsible Serving of Alcohol certificate is a necessity for anyone looking to work in restaurants or bars serving alcohol. A RSA in Melbourne offers you the skills you need to serve alcohol in a responsible fashion, and to provide an environment within an establishment that is safe and enjoyable for every patron.

The RSA course teaches you about the dangers of alcohol, and methods you can use to identify patrons who are intoxicated. It will help you to safely and responsibly execute your new job in hospitality.

RSA Certified CoursesThe course includes:

  • The law, fines, demerit points and star rating
  • Facts about alcohol
  • Strategies to refuse service
  • Good serving practices
  • How to promote/advertise legally
  • Unacceptable service practices


Added value for business that ‘Serve It Up’ offers:

  • Teach your staff about your license
  • Go through your red line plan
  • Check your RSA register and ensure your business is compliant
  • Check your signage



4 hours



$50 per person


An RSA certificate in Melbourne is needed as a first step to anyone looking to work within an establishment serving alcohol. Contact our talented team and take your first step towards a rewarding career!

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