Thanks for all your help throughout the course. My time at Serve it Up was a great experience, where it was easy to participate and practice my hospitality skills. The course varied from excursions to skills assessments, to theoretical work.
I feel I am much more acquainted with the hospitality industry now and am eager to put my skills to use. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

Andrew Miles - December 2018


"I have been working at a bar in Crown Casino for the last year or so. I applied a few weeks after I completed my 16 weeks of classes and went through the interview stages and was successful! I'm enjoying it and feel like completing my Cert IVs really helped my confidence behind the bar and gave me a few skills (product knowledge, coffee-making) that made me stand out in the application process."

Harry Herbeloff - September 2018


"I'm currently a Restaurant Manager at a Pasta Bar in Camberwell. The skills that I learned at Serve it up have been really invaluable in this position. Thank you!"

Peter McDonald - August 2018


"I’m really sad to say I’m ending the course early due to moving interstate. It gave me a huge about of knowledge in a short amount of time, with huge thanks to the awesome trainers I’ve had, and I’d love to thank you especially! I landed 2 jobs in hospitality, (which were my first ever jobs) while living in Melbourne, and adding this course to my resume definitely helped me get them! It was great and I wish I could’ve completed it. I’ll definitely look into it again next time I’m living in Melbourne! I loved the practical side to this course, it was great because I learn more from being hands on! Thanks so much Rebecca!"

Isabelle Christensen, - May 2018


"I started the Dual Qualification in late 2017. I had never had any experience or skills/training in a hospitality environment before so I had no idea what to expect. My trainer Steph A was incredibly helpful in all aspects including coffee making, bar work and general course work. The tips, ideas and knowledge she had of the industry made it very engaging and interesting which resulted in me being more keen to learn and absorb as much as I could each session. No two sessions were the same, there was always different cocktails to mix, various information to be learnt and ofcourse skills were constantly in practice which made everyone feel more confident. My favorite area was definitely the bar. I loved mixing drinks, sharing ideas on flavors and making my own mocktails. It was always incredibly fun!

I had a lot of difficultly finding a job as many employers wanted experience. If it wasn’t for the wonderful Steph M I wouldn’t have been able to complete my log book and hence receive my Certificate IV in Hospitality and Management. Thank you to the Serve It Up team for being constantly open, warm and inviting for anything that I have needed or may need in the future. Their advice will always be put into practice, regardless of the career that I pursue in the near future."

Ashleigh Spadavecchia - May 2018


"Hey Bec, I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the students at Serve It Up. I am currently working as a waiter at Maha, which is a 5 star Mediterranean restaurant in the CBD for the past month and I’m loving it. My friends from Sim service are also loving their new jobs at AFL games, Ed Sheeran shows and cocktail bars in the city. Without Serve It Up, I don’t think I would have been considered at all for a position at Maha, so I wanted to tell you how much we all really appreciate what you and all the staff team do for us students......... please let the whole staff team know that we thank them very much for their hard work. We are lucky to have such great role models in the industry to help us slog shot into the industry."

Caillan Baynes - April 2018


"I completed a Cert 3 in Hospitality and was able to secure a job with Peter Rowland. Completing this course with Serve it up has meant that I am more confident with my skills. This confidence was built through hands on experience in everything from coffee to cocktail making and I am looking forward to going back and completing my Certificate 4. Completing this course has taken me from having no experience in hospitality, to working at organisations such as Crown and ACMI, and has given me the drive towards opening my own establishment." 

Greg Panteria - October 2017


"I began training with Serve It Up in April 2017 mostly to gain skills required in the field of Hospitality and improve my basic knowledge of bar and coffee. As well as these skills I have also learnt so much more about the industry, as well as correct procedures and management. The extra coffee classes and simulated service periods are a good environment to practice skills and really perfect the small details that make you stand out when applying for jobs after completion of the course. These extra classes are what made the course really stand out for me, as we were able to get our hands dirty and practice the skills learnt in class. As a result of adding the Serve It Up courses to my resume, I have been offered three jobs in various aspects of hospitality, which I will be starting shortly. I am hoping that in the future, having these Serve It Up courses under my belt as well as the skills I have learned here will help me get into management in the Hospitality Industry."

Emilia El-Moujaber - September 2017 


"The Serve It Up course allowed me to develop not only skills behind the bar, but too how to work with a team; each week a leader was assigned from the group and we thereby all took a turn delegating and learning the importance of time and task management (according to the member’s competence). I really enjoyed the interactive classes and the encouragement from Cate Smith, tutor at Serve It Up, to persist and truly master the perfect coffee. Lunch was always provided, organised by students, and we each took turns providing accompanying drinks from the cocktail menu. Additionally, myself and other students gained a level 2 certificate in First Aid, another course provided by the company. I feel I could confidently work in the hospitality industry with the skills I have learnt after part taking in this course, and am so grateful for Cate’s friendly guidance throughout the programme."

Caitlyn Johnson - June 2016 

''Serve It Up training was all in all, an incredible experience. Through the support, guidance and information that was offered, I left the course feeling confident and well informed. The trainers were accommodating and provided students with a range of in depth training, both in theory and in practice. Now, with a job in the industry, I am able to apply the abundance of skills that I have learnt and flourish in the world of hospitality, thanks to the amazing people at Serve It Up. "

Zion Lulseged -May 2016

"I personally found this training invaluable, the theory, the practical skills and the stories that helped us understand how everything worked when put together in a real world environment. The people I’ve met are all amazing, with passion and drive for success, it creates a phenomenal working environment which is fully supportive for everyone to learn and develop. I was the manager for my group when we had our function, and I can say that because of the both challenging and supportive environment we were always put in leading up to it. When it got to the event we could handle anything. I was fortunate enough to be placed in Gemma’s group who I found really fit me and how I learn. As a result of uni I had to change classes a number of times, but because every time i was in Gemma’s class I was able to really get the most out of the course.”

 Alex Posterino - May 2016

"I approached Serve It Up because I wanted to up skill myself in the field of hospitality. This is because I wanted to begin to work in the hospitality field. Serve It Up helped me by providing adequate training in all area’s of hospitality while also providing fun practical classes. As a result I gained a range of skills that has best prepared me for the life in the fast of hospitality. One thing I liked the most was the fun environment created by the teachers therefore making it easy to learn. I found the experience an enjoyable one with the highlight being the function night. I would recommend Serve It Up to people who need either want to learn new skills or even up skill themselves.' -

 Jackson Clarke - May 2016

"I'd just like to express how happy I was with the guidance through both theory and practical activities, which helped me to become confident in tackling a hospitality profession. I was lucky enough to undertake a waitressing job throughout the 14 weeks, which helped the theory sink in a lot more! I loved the practical activities and, the trainers from Serve It Up were all very friendly, helpful and accommodating! I also thought it was fantastic that they provided a practical learning space to practise skills in a more one-on-one format; this was especially helpful with coffee skills and expanding on extra stuff. I definitely recommend and have kept recommending this course as it was a well-thought through course to adhere to many hospitality professions including barista, bar staff, waitressing and managerial roles. Even though the course was government funded, I would've paid to have completed it as it set me up to be able to meet my boss’s expectations and hopefully exceed them from time to time."

Kate Dance - May 2016

"Yeah the course has been great. It's really invaluable the training we get, not just the theory but as well as the practical activities we get to do especially when mixing drinks in a bar setting. That would perhaps be my favourite highlight of the course as I've already had extensive experience in the coffee-making area."

Uten Lam-Phan-  March 2016

“Thank you so much to appoint me staff Irene and Anna for their help and allowing me to do my cert 4.... I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot and met some lovely people. It has helped me get my confidence back to enable me to get back into the work force."  

Sally Polito - March 2015

“The course was amazing, I can’t believe I got a Cert IV, it goes to show that you’re never too old to learn anything. The trainers were so supportive and I made some new friends. I did this course with my daughter and I’m so proud of her, we both learnt so much here at Serve It Up & are much more confident going out there, looking for a job with the help of Appoint Me.” 

Michelle Victor - May 2015

“The course has helped me get my certificates that I required for work, my mates had told me about Serve It up and they said they had a great time and learned a lot from it. I also had fun, made a lot of friends, very friendly staff members and the course was pretty much fun all the way”


“This course is great, we have made some new friends. We went from not knowing what Frontline Management was to training our own friends in how to make cocktails and coffees. A very fun way to learn leadership roles. Our job agency suggested to us to do this course through Serve It Up and we can see why. The staff are very friendly and we are now looking forward to finding work in the hospitality industry”

Lydia and Saskia

“The course was really fun, its pretty much practical and open discussion. There was a lot to learn from the trainer and the class, at work I feel like I know more then the staff I work with … :D”


“I absolutely loved the course. I made friends and learnt a lot. I also got a job in the hospitality industry within two weeks! I’m glad I did this course through Serve It Up, as the Trainers and staff were all very friendly and always checking on how we are all going with job hunting” 

Sharlee T

“The course was awesome. My employer suggested my colleagues and I to do this course through Serve It Up, which was a great idea, as we all are planning to build our career in the hospitality industry. We learnt a lot of leadership skills along with table service, bar and coffee skills.” 

Christopher Quai Hoi

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