Third Parties

Serve It Up work with a number of different businesses. The parties listed here are approved third parties (brokers) that refer students to our courses. All referrals have no obligation to complete the course. All training and assessment is completed by Serve It Up. 

If you have an concerns with any third parties please call the Serve It Up Office 1300555748. 

Hospitality Recruitment Group

Hospitality Recruitment Group

HRG are an approved Third Party Brokering service. They have been lodged with the VRQA and Skills Victoria.

HRG refer candidates that have applied for work that don't meet the skill levels required or have industry experience relevant to the job they applied for. Once referred to Serve It up we then help build thesir skills, students have no obligation to enrol with Serve It Up. During the course we will then send back skills assessment to Hospitality Recruitment Group (HRG) who will then help to find suitable trials for as many as possible. Students need to be aware HRG cannot guarantee work and nor can Serve It up, but we will do our best to help students that really try throughout their course. Refer to our Jobs page. 

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