Hospitality Training Company


We are a boutique training company dedicated to hospitality and management training, we focus on skills based training and every single training session involves practical skills training. 

How are we better than the rest?

To put it simply our classes are fun, interactive and innovative!

We have a fully equipped bar, restaurant room and 2 levels of classrooms, providing real life simulated experience. We even open the school 4 shifts per week for our students to come in and complete simulated shifts to practice their skills before they head to the workplace. 

We know all our students and we will do what ever we can to help them achive their goals. Our office door is always open and there are always qualified trainers on staff to help students with any question they may have before, during or after class. 

Employers, we will provide you with personalised training and consultancy that encourages employees to give back to the business. 

CEO - Amy 

I have worked in the hospitality, retail and training industries for a number of years and have obtained my Degree in Hospitality Management and Masters of Business (MBA). I am passionate about hospitality and small business management and hope to ignite this passion in others wanting to enter the industry or improve their current skills.

We are a small company and will remain a small company to ensure personal service and a specialisation in Hospitality and Management. We see our clients as family and wish to build strong relationships with everyone we teach and work with.

Amy Hickman
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