Serve It Up includes specialised coffee making (Barista) modules into all our hospitality and leadership qualifications to equip students with the knowledge and skills they require to become excellent baristas. Each week we teach a variety of different coffees, teas and hot drinks. In our main training facility located in Little Latrobe Street Melbourne, we have 2 levels of practical training facilities. On each level, we have 2 commercial grade coffee machines, grinders and coffee making equipment. You also have the option to join 2 additional free coffee specialty classes each week to dramatically increase your barista skill level. The advanced coffee classes also include coffee art and speed service.

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With our hands-on support you will learn skills that are beyond an industry standard. After completing a Serve It Up Barista Course Melbourne you will graduate knowing how to craft coffee to the customer's request, create espressos, froth milk and make the majority of coffees that you would find in any trendy Melbourne cafe.

Our trainers are hospitality pioneers who come direct from their specific industry. They are ready and willing to share their knowledge with you! If you are ready to be the best that you can, Serve It Up has the key to unlocking your potential.

All our qualifications are Nationally Accredited and the majority are eligible for Skills First Victorian Government funding.

Melbourne thrives on good coffee so let Serve It Up deliver you the knowledge to please even the fussiest of coffee drinkers.

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The capital city of Victoria was founded in 1835, ostensibly by John Batman – who strongly considered naming it Batmania. Driven by the Victorian Gold Rush, and later a manufacturing boom, Melbourne is now the second-largest city in Australia.

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